Hultec South Africa supplier of PVC pipe seals and thrust restraint pipe coupling systems

Plastic Pressure Pipe Systems

These have many advantages to offer to the designer, installer and end user of pipe systems; they are light weight, easier to install than metal piping systems, faster to install as well as being more cost effective than metal piping systems. They are used for both above and below ground applications. A well installed and well maintained Plastic Pressure Pipe System could have a life cycle of up to 50 years. This is dependent upon the medium, temperature, chemical consistency, pressure and type of plastic pressure pipe system selected. Plastic Pressure Pipe Systems have been in use since the 1950s. In addition to the fittings, valves, and accessories that comprise a pipe system, the pipes themselves vary in size and composition, depending on the application.


The Rieber system provides a proven PVC coupling pipe joint with an excellent track record in the field. It is the fastest growing system in the world because of its many advantages.

  • Factory installed locked-in gasket.
  • The pipe bell forms over the gasket making a perfect fit.
  • Avoids the possibility of installing the wrong gasket.
  • Reduces installation problems.
  • The locked-in gasket eliminates gasket roll-out during joining.
  • The gasket is molded vs. extruded and spliced.
  • Works equally well under pressure or vacuum.
    Three sealing points achieved vs. two.
  • Leak-proof joints.
  • "The worlds best joint"

This PVC pipe seal enables a high level of productivity and increased reliability of your pipe seal or joint which can be easily installed without a specific level of technical expertise or additional mechanical supports, brackets or clamps. The integrity of your joint is ensured by optimising technology and the development of a totally new method of joining. This method has a proven track record and installed base where old or damaged pipes have been replaced.

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