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Hultec SA introduces the bode 3S seal to its range of PVC pipe sealing products in the Southern African market

The Hultec Group have for several years worked in partnership with the leading German seal producer, bode GmbH, developing solutions for specific water transmission applications. As part of this cooperation Hultec SA (Pty) Ltd are pleased to announce that they will in future be carrying a full range of bode 3S rings in their inventory in South Africa.

The 3S bode gasket design has long been popular in many global markets and has had several imitators, including the Palmer 1 product in Southern Africa. Available in both EPDM and SBR the bode gasket meets a number of international standards.

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Please be advised that our BullDog Restraint System website is now up and running. For great and interesting news on our innovative restraint joint for PVC pipes
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The latest sealing technology for PVC pipes is coming your way!

Just what the Southern African market for potable water and sanitation has been waiting for: the Rieber sealing system for pressure pipes and non-pressure pipes.

The Rieber seal is steel reinforced and is incorporated into the pipe-end socket during the manufacturing process, making the seal an integral (locked-in) part of the pipe and ideally suited for water pressure and sewer and drainage pipes.

The Rieber sealing system provides many advantages over conventional seals for pipe manufacturers, specifiers, installers and end users. These are described in detail on this website.


Hultec is proud to announce that the Company has been accepted as a member of the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA).

We fully support the objectives of SAPPMA and will actively assist in providing improved pipe sealing technologies and strive to increase the confidence levels and knowledge of consulting engineers, contractors, municipal water authorities and clients in the use of SAPPMA products.

SAPPMA aims to create absw13hultew13hulteolute quality, trust and integrity throughout the value chain of the Southern African Pipe Industry.

We undertake to adhere to the Code Of Conduct, including ISO 9001: 2000 Accreditation and compliance to relevant product standards such as SABS, ISO, CEN and ASTM, etc.

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